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Exam Name: Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH v2.0)
Updated: Feb 21, 2017
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300-115 PDF
I’m starting out with the exam blueprint which can be found here.

    • Freemind mind maps application to help me make a picture of the topics and visually connect them. This helps to visualize what you are studying.
    • Anki flash cards, this helps memorizing anything that you want to have on the top of your head.
    • MS Visio for diagrams or my favorite free alternative DIA.
    • Obviously GNS3, VirtualBox and when IOU doesn’t cut it, I’ll find something to help me out with the switchig part, the routing is 100% done in GNS3. You have it here all together, there are newer versions but I like to keep things as stable as possible so I go along with even release nmbers, right now I’m using version 1.3.10.

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Refer to the exhibit.
300-115 PDF
A network engineer wants to analyze all incoming and outgoing packets for an interface that is connected to an access switch. Which three items must be
configured to mirror traffic to a packet sniffer that is connected to the distribution switch? (Choose three.)
A. A monitor session on the distribution switch with a physical interface as the source and the remote SPAN VLAN as the destination
B. A remote SPAN VLAN on the distribution and access layer switch
C. A monitor session on the access switch with a physical interface source and the remote SPAN VLAN as the destination
D. A monitor session on the distribution switch with a remote SPAN VLAN as the source and physical interface as the destination
E. A monitor session on the access switch with a remote SPAN VLAN source and the physical interface as the destination
F. A monitor session on the distribution switch with a physical interface as the source and a physical interface as the destination
Correct Answer: BCD
You can analyze network traffic passing through ports or VLANs by using SPAN or RSPAN to send a copy of the traffic to another port on the switch or on another
switch that has been connected to a network analyzer or other monitoring or security device. SPAN copies (or mirrors) traffic received or sent (or both) on source
ports or source VLANs to a destination port for analysis.
RSPAN supports source ports, source VLANs, and destination ports on different switches (or different switch stacks), enabling remote monitoring of multiple
switches across your network. The traffic for each RSPAN session is carried over a user-specified RSPAN VLAN that is dedicated for that RSPAN session in all
participating switches. The RSPAN traffic from the source ports or VLANs is copied into the RSPAN VLAN and forwarded over trunk ports carrying the RSPAN
VLAN to a destination session monitoring the RSPAN VLAN. Each RSPAN source switch must have either ports or VLANs as RSPAN sources. The destination is
always a physical port

After an EtherChannel is configured between two Cisco switches, interface port channel 1 is in the down/down state. Switch A is configured with channel-group 1
mode active, while Switch B is configured with channel-group 1 mode desirable. Why is the EtherChannel bundle not working?
A. The switches are using mismatched EtherChannel negotiation modes.
B. The switch ports are not configured in trunking mode.
C. LACP priority must be configured on both switches.
D. The channel group identifier must be different for Switch A and Switch B.
Correct Answer: A
Here we have a situation where one switch is using active mode, which is an LACP mode, and the other is using desirable, which is a PAGP mode. You can not
mix the LACP and PAGP protocols to form an etherchannel. Here is a summary of the various etherchannel modes:
EtherChannel PAgP Modes
Mode Description
auto Places a port into a passive negotiating state, in which the port responds to PAgP packets it receives but does not start PAgP packet negotiation. This setting
minimizes the transmission of PAgP packets.
This mode is not supported when the EtherChannel members are from differ- ent switches in the switch stack (cross-stack EtherChannel).
desirable Places a port into an active negotiating state, in which the port starts negotia- tions with other ports by sending PAgP packets.
This mode is not supported when the EtherChannel members are from differ- ent switches in the switch stack (cross-stack EtherChannel).
EtherChannel LACP Modes
Mode Description
active Places a port into an active negotiating state in which the port starts negotia- tions with other ports by sending LACP packets.
passive Places a port into a passive negotiating state in which the port responds to LACP packets that it receives, but does not start LACP packet negotiation. This
setting minimizes the transmission of LACP packets.

An EtherChannel bundle has been established between a Cisco switch and a corporate web server. The network administrator noticed that only one of the
EtherChannel links is being utilized to reach the web server. What should be done on the Cisco switch to allow for better EtherChannel utilization to the corporate
web server?
A. Enable Cisco Express Forwarding to allow for more effective traffic sharing over the EtherChannel bundle.
B. Adjust the EtherChannel load-balancing method based on destination IP addresses.
C. Disable spanning tree on all interfaces that are participating in the EtherChannel bundle.
D. Use link-state tracking to allow for improved load balancing of traffic upon link failure to the server.
E. Adjust the EtherChannel load-balancing method based on source IP addresses.
Correct Answer: E
EtherChannel load balancing can use MAC addresses, IP addresses, or Layer 4 port numbers, and either source mode, destination mode, or both. The mode you
select applies to all EtherChannels that you configure on the switch. Use the option that provides the greatest variety in your configuration. For example, if the
traffic on a channel only goes to a single MAC address (which is the case in this example, since all traffic is going to the same web server), use of the destination
MAC address results in the choice of the same link in the channel each time. Use of source addresses or IP addresses can result in a better load balance.

Interface FastEthernet0/1 is configured as a trunk interface that allows all VLANs. This command is configured globally:
monitor session 2 filter vlan 1 – 8, 39, 52
What is the result of the implemented command?
A. All VLAN traffic is sent to the SPAN destination interface.
B. Traffic from VLAN 4 is not sent to the SPAN destination interface.
C. Filtering a trunked SPAN port effectively disables SPAN operations for all VLANs.
D. The trunk’s native VLAN must be changed to something other than VLAN 1.
E. Traffic from VLANs 1 to 8, 39, and 52 is replicated to the SPAN destination port.
Correct Answer: E
The “monitor session filter” command is used to specify which VLANS are to be port mirrored using SPAN. This example shows how to monitor VLANs 1 through
5 and VLAN 9 when the SPAN source is a trunk interface:
Switch(config)# monitor session 2 filter vlan 1 – 5 , 9

A network engineer notices inconsistent Cisco Discovery Protocol neighbors according to the diagram that is provided. The engineer notices only a single
neighbor that uses Cisco Discovery Protocol, but it has several routing neighbor relationships. What would cause the output to show only the single neighbor?
A. The routers are connected via a Layer 2 switch.
B. IP routing is disabled on neighboring devices.
C. Cisco Express Forwarding is enabled locally.
D. Cisco Discovery Protocol advertisements are inconsistent between the local and remote devices.
Correct Answer: A
If all of the routers are connected to each other using a layer 2 switch, then each router will only have the single switch port that it connects to as its neighbor.
Even though multiple routing neighbors can be formed over a layer 2 network, only the physical port that it connects to will be seen as a CDP neighbor. CDP can
be used to determine the physical topology, but not necessarily the logical topology.

After the implementation of several different types of switches from different vendors, a network engineer notices that directly connected devices that use Cisco
Discovery Protocol are not visible. Which vendor-neutral protocol could be used to resolve this issue?
A. Local Area Mobility
B. Link Layer Discovery Protocol
C. NetFlow
D. Directed Response Protocol
Correct Answer: B
The Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) is a vendor-neutral link layer protocol in the Internet Protocol Suite used by network devices for advertising their identity,
capabilities, and neighbors on an IEEE 802 local area network, principally wired Ethernet. LLDP performs functions similar to several proprietary protocols, such
as the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP). Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Link_Layer_Discovery_Protocol

CCDP/CCNP Routing and Switching/CCNP 300-115 Exam Questions

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300-115 PDF

Recertification Requirements

To maintain the 300-115 pdf  high standards of the JNTCP certifications, and to ensure that the skills of those certified are kept current and relevant, Juniper Networks has implemented the following recertification requirements, which apply to both certification tracks of the JNTCP: All JNTCP certifications are valid for a period of two years.

Certification holders who do not renew their certification within this two-year period will have their certification placed in suspended mode. 300-115 exam Certifications in suspended mode are not eligible as prerequisites for further certification and cannot be applied to partner certification requirements.

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300-101 dumps

Which three conditions can cause BGP neighbor establishment to fail? (Select three)
A. There is an access list blocking all TCP traffic between the two BGP neighbors.
B. The EBGP neighbor is not directly connected, and the ebgp-multi-hop option is set to the default valu
C. The IBGP neighbor is not directly connected.
D. BGP synchronization is enabled in a Transit AS with fully-meshed IBGP neighbors.
E. The BGP update interval is different between the two BGP neighbors.
F. The BGP neighbor is referencing an incorrect AS number in its neighbor statement.
Answer: A,B,F

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Which three of the statements below correctly describe the characteristics of Autonomous Systems in routed networks? (Select three)
A. Within an AS, all routers must run either BGP or IBGP.
B. An AS uses exterior gateway protocols (EGPs) to exchange information with other autonomous systems.
C. An AS is a group of routers under the same technical administration.
D. Within an AS, routes learned through BGP can be redistributed using interior gateway protocols.
E. Within an AS, routes learned through an interior protocol cannot be redistributed using BGP to other autonomous systems.
Answer: B,C,D

What are the two reasons for the appearance of as the next hop for a network when using the “show ip bgp” command? (Choose two)
A. The network was originated via redistribution of an interior gateway protocol into BGP.
B. The network was defined by a static route.
C. The network was learned via IBGP.
D. The network was learned via EBGP.
E. The network was originated via a network or aggregate command.
Answer: A,E

What are two rules for compacting IPv6 addresses? (Choose two.)
A. Every 16-bit segment segment that consists of all zeroes can be represented with a single colon.
B. The trailing zeroes in any 16-bit segment do not have to be written.
C. The leading zeroes in any 16-bit segment do not have to be written.
D. Any single, continuous string of one or more 16-bit segments that consists of all zeroes can be represented with a double colon.
E. The maximum number of times a double colon can replace a 16-bit segment that consists of all zeroes is two.
F. Two zeroes in the middle of any 16-bit segment do not have to be written.
Answer: C,D   210-060 pdf

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They are certified in using advanced IP addressing and routing in implementing scalable and highly secure Cisco routers that are connected to LANs, WANs, and IPv6. Below are the details of Cisco 300-101 Route exam objectives.

10% 5.0 Infrastructure Security

5.1 Describe IOS AAA using local database
5.2 Describe device security using IOS AAA with TACACS+ and RADIUS
5.2.a AA with TACACS+ and RADIUS
5.2.b Local privilege authorization fallback
5.3 Configure and verify device access control
5.3.a Lines (VTY, AUX, console)
5.3.b Management plane protection
5.3.c Password encryption
5.4 Configure and verify router security features
5.4.a IPv4 access control lists (standard, extended, time-based)
5.4.b IPv6 traffic filter
5.4.c Unicast reverse path forwarding

20% 6.0 Infrastructure Services

6.1 Configure and verify device management
6.1.a Console and VTY
6.1.b Telnet, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, SCP
6.1.c (T)FTP
6.2 Configure and verify SNMP
6.2.a V2
6.2.b V3
6.3 Configure and verify logging
6.3.a Local logging, syslog, debugs, conditional debugs
6.3.b Timestamps
6.4 Configure and verify Network Time Protocol (NTP)
6.4.a NTP master, client, version 3, version 4
6.4.b NTP authentication
6.5 Configure and verify IPv4 and IPv6 DHCP
6.5.a DHCP client, IOS DHCP server, DHCP relay
6.5.b DHCP options (describe)
6.6 Configure and verify IPv4 Network Address Translation (NAT)
6.6.a Static NAT, dynamic NAT, PAT
6.7 Describe IPv6 NAT
6.7.a NAT64
6.7.b NPTv6
6.8 Describe SLA architecture
6.9 Configure and verify IP SLA
6.9.a ICMP
6.10 Configure and verify tracking objects
6.10.a Tracking objects
6.10.b Tracking different entities (for example, interfaces, IPSLA results)
6.11 Configure and verify Cisco NetFlow
6.11.a NetFlow v5, v9
6.11.b Local retrieval
6.11.c Export (configuration only)

300-101 dumps

300-101 Exam Question 1

For security purposes, an IPv6 traffic filter was configured under various interfaces on the local router. However, shortly aft er implementing the traffic filter, OSPFv3 neighbor adjacencies were lost. What caused this issue?
A.  The traffic filter is blocking all ICMPv6 traffic.
B.  The global anycast address must be added to the traffic filter to allow OSPFv3 to work properly.
C.  The link-local addresses that were used by OSPFv3 were explicitly denied, which caused the neighbor relationships to fail.
D.  IPv6 traffic filtering can be implemented only on SVIs.
Correct Answer: C

OSPFv3 uses link-local IPv6 addresses for neighbor discovery and other features, so if any IPv6 traffic filters are implemented be sure to include the link local address so that it is permitted in the filter list.\



300-101 Exam Question 2
What is the purpose of the autonomous-system {autonomous-system-number} command?
A.  It sets the EIGRP autonomous system number in a VRF.
B.  It sets the BGP autonomous system number in a VRF.
C.  It sets the global EIGRP autonomous system number.
D.  It sets the global BGP autonomous system number.
Correct Answer: A

To configure the autonomous-system number for an Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) routing process to run with
in a VPN routing and forwarding (VRF) instance, use the autonomous-system command in address-family configuration mode. To remove the autonomous-system for an EIGRP routing process from within a VPN VRF instance, use the no form of this command.


300-101 Exam Question 3
Which type of traffic does DHCP snooping drop?
A. discover messages
B. DHCP messages where the source MAC and client MAC do not match
C. traffic from a trusted DHCP server to client
D. traffic from a trusted DHCP server to client
D. DHCP messages where the destination MAC and client MAC do not match
Correct Answer: B

The switch validates DHCP packets received on the untrusted interfaces of VLANs with DHCP snooping enabled. The switch forwards  the DHCP packet unless any of the following conditions occur (in which case the packet is dropped):The switch receives a packet (such as a DHCPOFFER,DHCPACK, DHCPNAK, or DHCPLEASEQUERY packet) from a DHCP server outside the network or firewall.
The switch receives a packet on an untrusted interface,and the source MAC address and the DHCP client hardware address do not match.This check is performed only if the DHCP snooping MAC address verification option is turned on.The switch receives a DHCPRELEASE or DHCPDE CLINE message from an untrusted host with an entry in the DHCP snooping binding table, and the interface information in the binding table does not match the interface on which the message was received. The switch receives a DHCP packet that includes a relay agent IP address that is not To support trusted edge switches that are connected to untrusted aggregation-switch ports, you can enable the DHCP option-82 on untrusted port feature, which enables untrusted aggregation- switch ports to accept DHCP packets that include option-82 information. Configure the port on the edge switch that connects to the aggregation switch as a trusted

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 300-320 vce

You are troubleshooting an intermittent video issue on an eMac. Which of the following is the most appropriate way to approach this problem?
A. Do nothing. The problem may resolve itself.
B. Run looping diagnostics to verify the issue.
C. Follow component isolation steps to resolve the issue.
D. Replace the Display/Analog Assembly inside the eMac.
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 11
Which of the following would be the most appropriate question to ask FIRST, when gathering information from customers about a problem with their Apple product?
A. What is the issue?
B. What operating system are you using?
C. Did you turn off the computer improperly?
D. Is this the first time you have had this problem?

Correct Answer: A
You are troubleshooting a Power Mac G5 that will not boot, and emits error tones when powered on. You suspect that the customer may have installed incompatible or faulty RAM, but you aren’t sure. What should you do to verify the RAM requirements for this Power Mac G5?
A. Call Apple
B. Order Apple RAM
C. Check Specifications
D. Count the RAM sockets on the logic board.

Correct Answer: C
Which of the following is the best way to eject a disc when normal methods for ejecting it, such as using the Mac OS Finder or the keyboard, have not succeeded?
A. Boot into Open Firmware and type ‘reset-nvram’.
B. Restart the computer while holding down the mouse button.
C. Remove and disassemble the optical drive to remove the disc.
D. Remove the computer’s front bezel and manually pry the disc out of the drive.

Correct Answer: B
You have replaced the video card in a Power Macintosh G5. In what THREE ways should you test the repair before returning the system to the customer?
A. Leave the computer on overnight.
B. Verify that the original symptom is resolved.
C. Verify that no new symptoms have occurred.
D. Run all Apple Service Diagnostic tests for the Power Mac G5.
E. Run Apple Service Diagnostic video tests for the Power Mac G5.
F. Start up the computer in Target Disk Mode to test the internal hard drive.

Correct Answer: BCD   200-310 pdf
A customer’s Power Mac G5 fails to power on when connected to a known-good power outlet with a known-good power cord. Which of the following steps should be tried FIRST?
A. Replace the processor(s)
B. Replace the power supply.
C. Reset the logic board PMU.
D. Run Apple Service Diagnostic.
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 16
Which of the following is ALMOST CERTAINLY a software-related problem?
A. No video on display
B. Single beep at startup
C. No Internet connectivity
D. iPhoto quits when launched

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 17
An eMac has no video, but powers on with a normal startup chime, and normal startup sounds from the hard drive. Which of the following steps should you try next?
A. Update the eMac’s firmware.
B. Replace the eMac logic board.
C. Replace the eMac Display/Analog Assembly.
D. Connect a known-good VGA display to the eMac.

Correct Answer: D

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