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Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist PDT-101 Exam Dumps Questions Answers

A company wants to send emails from a new domain.
Where should an Admin navigate to in Pardot to add the new domain?
A. Marketing | System Emails
B. Marketing | Email Sending Domains
C. Admin | Security
D. Admin | Domain Management
Correct Answer: D

Which three variable tags can be used on layout templates for landing pages? (Choose three answers.)
A. %%description%%
B. %%name%%
C. %%tittle%%
D. %%form%%
E. %%content%%
Correct Answer: ACE

Which three user role security limits can be added to an individual user account? (Choose three answers.)
A. Max number of emails the user can send.
B. Max number of prospects the user can manually delete.
C. Max number of records a user can import.
D. Max number of prospects the user can manually create.
E. Max number of prospects the user can export.
Correct Answer: ACE

What is the process to add a prospect who visits a pricing page to a list?
A. Create a page action
B. Create a segmentation rule
C. Use a Tag
D. Create an automation rule
Correct Answer: A

How does an Administrator grant a Pardot employee access to their account?
A. By calling Pardot Support.
B. By emailing Pardot Support.
C. By contacting Pardot Success Specialist
D. By hovering over the person icon and selecting Grant Account Access.
Correct Answer: D

Which Pardot function should be used to track prospect engagement on a banner ad on a third-party site?
A. Page action
B. Custom redirect
C. Campaign tracking code
D. Landing page
Correct Answer: B

An Administrator wants to have a thank you email sent after the form on the “Request a Demo” landing page is
Where can this be configured to ensure that every time the landing page is completed, the email is sent?
A. Configure an autoresponder email to send as a completion action when the `Request a Demo” landing page has
been submitted.
B. Configure an automation rule to send the email when “Request a Demo” form has been successfully completed.
C. Configure a segmentation rule to send the email when “Request a Demo” landing page has been successfully
D. Configure an autoresponder email to send as a completion action when the “Request a Demo” form has been
Correct Answer: D

Which Salesforce field type is unsupported for syncing with Pardot?
A. Lookup
B. Picklist
C. Number
D. Formula
Correct Answer: A

What user role must a Pardot user have in order to verify the Salesforce connector?
A. Sales manager
B. Sales
C. Marketing
D. Administrator
Correct Answer: D

A Marketing Manager meets a new customer at an event. How can they create that new customer as a prospect in
A. Create a new lead in Salesforce without an email address.
B. Add the prospect\\’s first name and last name to a CSV file and import that into Pardot.
C. Take a picture of their business card and upload it into Pardot.
D. Have the prospect submit a form with their name and email address.
Correct Answer: CD

A custom Prospect field in Pardot must have what mapped to it in order to sync with Salesforce?
A. A Salesforce field name
B. A dropdown list
C. A field ID
D. A text type field
Correct Answer: A

What is the difference between a dynamic list and a static list?
A. Dynamic list membership CANNOT be manually updated but static list membership can be manually updated.
B. Dynamic lists are retroactive while static lists CANNOT be retroactive.
C. Dynamic list membership can be manually updated but static list membership CANNOT be manually updated.
D. An action can be added to a dynamic list that will trigger when a prospect is added but an action CANNOT be added
to a static list to trigger when a prospect is added.
Correct Answer: A

Viewing a pricing page is considered a valuable buying signal. LenoxSoft would like to be able to report on and segment
prospects who have visited the pricing page. Which automation tool would best achieve this?
A. Create a special campaign to track pricing page views.
B. Create a Page Action set to Tag prospects as having viewing it and add them to a list.
C. Create a Form with a Completion Action to send a pricing sheet.
D. Create a Dynamic List based on page view to segment automatically.
Correct Answer: B

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