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210-060 pdf

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When you define a new LDAP configuration in Directory Access, you might need to enter a distinguished name and password for the connection. The distinguished name is the ________.
A. name of the root user on the server
B. canonical name of a normal user on the Mac OS X client computer
C. short name of a user with administrator permission on the client computer
D. logical path specifying the user record required by your LDAP server to perform queries

Correct Answer: D Section: (none)Explanation
You disable anonymous binding on the Mac OS X Server LDAP server by ________.
A. adding the following line to the /etc/hostconfig file: LDAPSERVER_BINDANON=-NO-
B. adding the following line to the /etc/openldap/slapd.conf file: disallow bind_anon
C. adding the following line to the /etc/openldap/ldap.conf file: disallow anon_binding
D. issuing the following command to the server: sudo NeST -setLDAPConfig “BIND_ANON” off

Correct Answer: B Section: (none) Explanation
Which command would create a backup of the key distribution center (KDC)?
A. sudo kdbexport -all > /etc/secured/kdc_backup
B. sudo kdb5_util dump > /etc/secured/kdc_backup
C. sudo kadmin.local -export /etc/secured/kdc_backup
D. kadmin -p diradmin -q kdc_export > /etc/secured/kdc_backup

Correct Answer: B Section: (none)Explanation
Which statement is NOT true of the krb5kdc process running in Mac OS X Server v10.4?
A. The process is started by launchd.
B. The process reads its configuration data from kdc.conf.
C. The process communicates on UDP and TCP/IP port 88.
D. The process reads its service principals in the local LDAP database.

Correct Answer: D Section: (none) Explanation

210-060 pdf

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You are using an LDAP browsing utility such as LDapper to browse user records in the LDAP directory served by a Mac OS X Server computer. Which attribute in the LDAP database maps to the UniqueID attribute in an Open Directory user record?
A. uid
B. guid
C. uidNumber
D. apple-generateduid

Correct Answer: C Section: (none)Explanation
Explanation/Reference:  200-310 pdf
When troubleshooting directory services issues, what is a limitation of using the -d option with the lookupd process?
A. The lookupd process is interactive.
B. The lookupd process is used to find information on DNS resolution.
C. The results of the lookupd process are from a new instance of lookupd.
D. If configured to use DSAgent, lookupd -d will get the same results as the DirectoryService process.

Correct Answer: C Section: (none)Explanation
Which statement about using the Active Directory plug-in to access user records is true?
A. The user home folder must be on an SMB server.
B. Mac OS X will use password policies set by the Active Directory administrator.
C. Address Book will automatically look up user contact information stored in the Kerberos realm.
D. By default, the plug-in generates a unique user ID based upon the user account uniqueID value in the Active Directory domain.

Correct Answer: B Section: (none)Explanation
In an Open Directory user record, what value should the NFSHomeDirectory attribute contain?
A. the local file system path to the user home folder
B. the IP address of the NFS server providing network home folders
C. the URL used to mount the share point containing the user home folder
D. the ID for the mount record that mounts the share point providing the user home folder
Correct Answer: A Section: (none)Explanation


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