Free CheckPoint Exam Dumps Questions – 156-215.80, 156-915.80 Test Questions

Free CheckPoint Exam Dumps Questions

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CheckPoint 156-215.80, 156-915.80 Exam Dumps Pdf

CheckPoint Exam

CheckPoint CCSA R80 156-215.80

CheckPoint CCSE Update 156-915.80

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CheckPoint CCSA R80 156-215.80 Test Questions 1-5

Which default user has full read/write access?
A. Monitor
B. Altuser
C. Administrator
D. Superuser
Correct Answer: C

You noticed that CPU cores on the Security Gateway are usually 100% utilized and many packets were dropped. You
don\\’t have a budget to perform a hardware upgrade at this time. To optimize drops you decide to use Priority Queues
and fully enable Dynamic Dispatcher. How can you enable them?
A. fw ctl multik dynamic_dispatching on
B. fw ctl multik dynamic_dispatching set_mode 9 C. fw ctl multik set_mode 9
D. fw ctl miltik pq enable
Correct Answer: A

What is the purpose of the Stealth Rule?
A. To prevent users from directly connecting to a Security Gateway.
B. To reduce the number of rules in the database.
C. To reduce the amount of logs for performance issues.
D. To hide the gateway from the Internet.
Correct Answer: A

Fill in the blank: Back up and restores can be accomplished through_________.
A. SmartConsole, WebUI, or CLI
B. WebUI, CLI, or SmartUpdate
C. CLI, SmartUpdate, or SmartBackup
D. SmartUpdate, SmartBackup, or SmartConsole
Correct Answer: A
Backup and Restore These options let you:
Back up the Gaia OS configuration and the firewall database to a compressed file
Restore the Gaia OS configuration and the firewall database from a compressed file To back up a configuration:
Right-click the Security Gateway.
Select Backup and Restore > Backup. The Backup window opens.
Select the backup location.

Fill in the blank: A(n) _____ rule is created by an administrator and is located before the first and before last rules in the
Rule Base.
A. Firewall drop
B. Explicit
C. Implicit accept
D. Implicit drop
E. Implied
Correct Answer: E
This is the order that rules are enforced:
First Implied Rule: You cannot edit or delete this rule and no explicit rules can be placed before it.
Explicit Rules: These are rules that you create.
Before Last Implied Rules: These implied rules are applied before the last explicit rule.
Last Explicit Rule: We recommend that you use the Cleanup rule as the last explicit rule.
Last Implied Rules: Implied rules that are configured as Last in Global Properties.
Implied Drop Rule: Drops all packets without logging.

CheckPoint CCSE Update 156-915.80 Test Questions 1-5

Where can you find the Check Point\\’s SNMP MIB file?
A. $CPDIR/lib/snmp/chkpt.mib
B. $FWDIR/conf/snmp.mib
C. It is obtained only by request from the TAC.
D. There is no specific MIB file for Check Point products.
Correct Answer: A

Users with Identity Awareness Agent installed on their machines login with __________, so that when the user logs into
the domain, that information is also used to meet Identity Awareness credential requests.
A. Key-logging
B. ICA Certificates
C. SecureClient
D. Single Sign-On
Correct Answer: D

Which is the correct order of a log flow processed by SmartEvents components:
A. Firewall > Correlation Unit > Log Server > SmartEvent Server Database > SmartEvent Client
B. Firewall > SmartEvent Server Database > Correlation unit > Log Server > SmartEvent Client
C. Firewall > Log Server > SmartEvent Server Database > Correlation Unit > SmartEvent Client
D. Firewall > Log Server > Correlation Unit > SmartEvent Server Database > SmartEvent Client
Correct Answer: D

What are the different command sources that allow you to communicate with the API server?
A. SmartView Monitor, API_cli Tool, Gaia CLI, Web Services
B. SmartConsole GUI Console, mgmt_cli Tool, Gaia CLI, Web Services
C. SmartConsole GUI Console, API_cli Tool, Gaia CLI, Web Services
D. API_cli Tool, Gaia CLI, Web Services
Correct Answer: B

What is true about the IPS-Blade?
A. in R80, IPS is managed by the Threat Prevention Policy
B. in R80, in the IPS Layer, the only three possible actions are Basic, Optimized and Strict
C. in R80, IPS Exceptions cannot be attached to “all rules”
D. in R80, the GeoPolicy Exceptions and the Threat Prevention Exceptions are the same
Correct Answer: A

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