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Cisco Business Architecture Analyst 810-440 Exam pdf

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810-440 DTBAA – Cisco: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-certifications/exams/current-list/dtbaa.html

Cisco Business Architecture Analyst 810-440 Online Exam Practice Questions

Which question provides the best information to use to define customer success factors?
A. What services do you need?
B. Which Cisco products best fit your goals?
C. What tools are you looking for, to better measure your ROI?
D. What are your business objectives for this project/initiative?
Correct Answer: D


Which is a critical first step when thinking about how to communicate technical content to a senior business manager?
A. Identify a person on her staff who can explain details.
B. Listen to the customer to understand her KPIs.
C. Plan out your message to explain potential options.
D. Draft a high level message using language pulled from the top IT vendors.
Correct Answer: B


Which type of organizational goals do key performance indicators measure?
A. tactical
B. financial
C. strategic
D. technological
Correct Answer: A


Which option is a structured process to understand business landscape and context?
A. business model canvas
B. business outcomes canvas
C. business model outcomes
D. business canvas approach
Correct Answer: A


Which option is a benefit of Cisco enablement resources?
A. the ability to create personalized “briefcases” of content
B. a single place to find business proposals and instructor-led training
C. access to kits of bundled content, including IOS images and more
D. it enhances the selling process for seller and the customer
Correct Answer: D


Which three options are additional costs arising from a subscription model and should be factored into the total cost of
ownership of IT as a Service?
A. auditing and control
B. cost of hardware and software
C. software asset and managed
D. cost of accounting and tracking
E. quality assurance management
F. chargeback and show back
Correct Answer: ACD


Which resource can a sales person incorporate into the business outcome story?
A. Include a detailed business strategic plan
B. Describe the project definition.
C. Explain technology innovations.
D. Identify the customers\\’ care-abouts.
Correct Answer: A


Which two options comprise information you need to achieve successful outcome-based sales? (Choose two.)
A. How stakeholders receive information and what information they want to receive.
B. What information is communicated to stakeholders in a timely fashion.
C. The stakeholder influencers, decision makers, and participating individuals throughout the process.
D. The degree of affinity stakeholders have related to risk.
Correct Answer: AC


There are approximately nineteen industry verticals. Which five are relevant to Cisco? (Choose five.)
A. Connected Learning
B. Connected Buildings
C. Connected Public Safety
D. Health Care
E. Disaster Management
F. Connected City
G. Connected Utilities
H. Connected Factory
Correct Answer: CDFGH

On which two business maturity levels do Cisco Business Architects operate?
A. Business Engagement
B. Technology Solutions
C. Business Transformation
D. Technology Specific
E. Business Solutions
Correct Answer: CE


Which two functions of the technology specialists in a Cisco Business Architecture engagement are true? (Choose
A. Own the customer relationship.
B. Focus on specific technical solutions.
C. Define business capabilities.
D. Support the engagement that is led by the business architect.
E. Identify customer business priorities.
Correct Answer: BD


Which three options are customer motivators? (Choose three.)
A. Achievable Business plan.
B. Shared risks with the vendor.
C. Increased services and solutions.
D. Realizable outcomes.
E. Simplify IT complexity.
Correct Answer: BDE


Which solution enables business outcomes in the healthcare industry?
A. Multilayer Switching
B. Medianet
C. Collaboration
D. Advanced Routing
Correct Answer: B

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