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You need to write an expression to calculate the compound interest that a bank needs The formula for compound interest after one period is as follows:
I = (P * (1 + R)) – P
I = Compound interest
P = Principal that was invested
R = Rate of interest
after one period.
Which X++ expression is equivalent to the formula above using operator precedence in X+- +-?
A. I = P* 1 + R- P
B. I = P*(1 + R-P)
C. I = P*(1 + R)-P
D. I = (P* 1) + (R-P)
MB6-890 exam Correct Answer: C

You have a table named CustTable. which has the following three fields: AccountNum, Currency, and CustGroup. You need to wnte X++ code to insert a record into CustTable and set the values of the three fields as follows:
AccountNum = “5000-
Currency = “USD”
Which two code segments can you use to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
MB6-890 dumps
MB6-890 dumps
MB6-890 dumps
Correct Answer: CD

You have an X++ class that has the following code:
MB6-890 dumps
You are writing a static method. You have an object of AssetBookCompareContract named assetBookCompareContractObj that is initialized within this method. You need to print the current value of the firstAssetBookld variable from the assetBookCompareContractObj object. Which piece of code should you use to achieve this goal?
A. irvFo(assetBookCompareContractObj : :fIrstAssetBookld);
B. info(assetBookCompareContractObj.f IrstAssetBookld);
C. info(assetBookCompareContractObj.panmFirstAssetBookId(“”));
D. info(assetBookCompareContractObj.parmFirstAssel:BookId());
MB6-890 dumps Correct Answer: D

You have the following X++ statement
MB6-890 dumps
What is the output of the statement?
A. An error has occurred. VariableB cannot be less than variableA.
B. An error has occurred. Process was aborted.
C. An error has occurred. VariableB cannot be less than variableA.
D. VariableB cannot be less than variableA. Process was aborted.
Correct Answer: B

You want to have a form where you can display an image in a fast tab. Which type of sub- pattern should you apply to the fast tab?
A. Horizontal fields and Button group
B. Section tiles
C. Custom filters
D. Image preview
MB6-890 pdf Correct Answer: C

You are using Visual Studio to manage development with Microsoft Dynamics AX. You need to complete a project for use within the application. Which step must be performed?
A. best practice check
B. synchronization
C. build
D. validation
Correct Answer: A

You have two classes written in X++ with the following code:
MB6-890 dumps
MB6-890 dumps
Which three methods of the DirParty class are accessible from the Write method? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution.)
A. duplicateCurrentParty()
B. addLocation()
C. update()
D. getContactlnfo()
E. add LocationCI ientO
MB6-890 vce Correct Answer: ABD

You need to develop a new XDS policy for employees. You employees’ expense records. Where should you apply the filter?
A. Constrained tables
B. Query
C. Policy group
D. Context string
Correct Answer: D

You are developing a form that allows users to update an order status. You create a table named Tablel that you will use as a data source for this form. You want to include a radio-button style selection so that the end user can choose between three different order statuses: “Canceled”, “Delivered”, “Processing”. What should you add to Table1 so that you can add the radio button selection to the form?
A. three different string fields that represent each order status
B. three different Extended Data Types (EDTs) of type string with each order status
C. a Boolean data type with values that represent each choice
D. a base enumeration with three elements that represent each order status
MB6-890 exam Correct Answer: A

A table named VendTable contains a field named MainContactWorker. which is the reference Recid. Many records in VendTable have the same value for MainContactWorker. Users frequently search for data in VendTable based on the MainContactWorker field. You need to ensure that when users make Queries that include the MainContactWorker field in the where clause, the query results are returned in the least amount of time possible. What should you create on VendTable?
A. a Surrogate Key that is used as the primary index
B. a unique index on MainContactWorker
C. a non-unique index on MainContactWorker
D. a primary index on MainContactWorker
MB6-890 dumps Correct Answer: C

A relationship is defined between two tables named CustTable and CustGroup. Each record in CustTable references a record in CustGroup. You need to set up delete actions to ensure that records in CustGroup can only be deleted if there are no CustTable records that reference or relate to the record. Which values for the On Delete property for the relation should you specify?
A. None
B. Cascade + Restricted
C. Restricted
D. Cascade
Correct Answer: D

You are planning to give a presentation on Microsoft Dynamics AX to your development team. What should you state as an advantage of creating and using labels?
A. decreases database references
B. provides multi-language and translation support
C. reduces the number of pointers
D. duplicates the value throughout the database
MB6-890 pdf Correct Answer: D

You need to determine the output of the following code:Which X++ code segment should you use to achieve this goal?
MB6-890 dumps
What is the output in the Infolog after runn.ng the code.
A. 10 A
B. 20 C
C. 30 B
D. 40 C
Correct Answer: D

You have tables named Table1 and Table2 The tables have a relation to each other. You need to display data from both of the tables in a form. How should you create the data source for the form?
A. Add both of the tables into a perspective, and use the perspective as the data source.
B. Create a new table named Table3 that has a relation to Tablel and to Table2, and use Table3 as the data source.
C. Add both of the tables into a query, and use the query as the data source.
D. Add both of the tables into a map. and use the map as the data source.
MB6-890 vce Correct Answer: C

You are working in a Visual Studio development environment and want to call a class to update some records. Which type of menu item should you use?
A. Output
B. Action
C. Auto
D. Display
Correct Answer: B

You need to create menus in Microsoft Dynamics AX. In addition to the Menu hem type and Menu hem name, what are three other key property values? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. Enum Type Parameter
B. Linked Permission Type
C. Configuration Key
D. Labels
E. Normal Image
MB6-890 exam Correct Answer: ABC

You have an X++ class, which has the following code:
MB6-890 dumps
You need to call checkBOM() method of the BomHierarchyCheck class from a static method class. Which
code should you write within the static method to achieve this goal?
MB6-890 dumps
Correct Answer: D

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