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Which of the following servers does the Finder’s Connect to server command in Mac OS X v10.4 allow you connect to? (Choose Three)
A. WebDAV Server
B. SSH Server
C. AFP Server
D. FTP Server

Correct Answer: ACD
What is the purpose of journaling in the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) file system?
A. To expedite file system repairs.
B. To provide support for file forks.
C. To accelerate Finder performance.
D. To provide the user with a journal that lists recently created files and directories.

Correct Answer: A
You work as a support technician at Certkiller .com. A Certkiller user complains that her Macintosh is exhibiting system problems. You tell the user to reboot her Macintosh in Firewire Target Disk Mode. You now want to troubleshoot the users Macintosh from your own Macintosh. Which of the following tasks will you be able to perform from your own Macintosh? (Choose Two)
A. Run Repair Disk from Disk Utility
B. Run Repair Disk Permissions from Disk Utility
C. Partition drive (non-destructive) from Disk Utility
D. Run Secure Erase from Disk Utility to defragment the drive
E. Enable System Administrator (root) login in NetInfo Manage

Correct Answer: AB
You work as a network administrator at Certkiller .com. You need to configure a Mac OS X computer to get authentication information from an LDAP server. What could you do? (Choose Two)
A. Enter the IP address of an LDAP server in the LDAP pane of Network preferences.
B. Use Directory Access to configure Mac OS X to get LDAP information from a DNS server.
C. Use the default configuration, which allows Mac OS X to use a DHCP-supplied LDAP server.
D. Use Sharing preferences to configure Mac OS X to use an Active Directory server as an LDAP server.
E. Use Directory Access to configure Mac OS X with the IP address, type and search base of a specific LDAP server.
Correct Answer: CE
Which of the following options in Disk Utility allows you to securely erase a hard disk? (Choose Three)
A. 7-Pass Erase
B. 12-Pass Erase
C. 35-Pass Erase
D. Zero Out Data
E. Erase and Lock Drive
F. Delete and Zero Out Files in Trash
Correct Answer: ABC
In Mac OS X v10.4, how would you enable printing to printer shared by a Windows computer?
A. In Printer Setup Utility, Select the workgroup and printer from the Default Browser pane in the Printer Browser window, and click Add.
B. From the Printing pane of Print & Fax performances choose windows printers in the pop-up menu, then select the workgroup and printer
C. In the Print dialog, choose the workgroup from the windows Printer entry in the Printer pop-up menu, then select the printer from the list.
D. In Printer Setup Utility, click More Printers in the Printer Browser window and choose Windows Printing from the pop-up menu, then choose the workgroup, select the printer, and click Add.

Correct Answer: D
You work as the network administrator at Certkiller .com. All client computers run Mac OS X v10.4. You want to reduce the number of passwords Certkiller network users require to access different network service. Which of the following will allow you to accomplish your goal? (Choose Three)
A. Set up Kerberos environment on the network.
B. Have users store their login information for different servers in Keychain.
C. Set up a directory service to make user and password information available to all computers
D. Have users enables the Single Sign-on option in the Authentication pane of Network preferences

Correct Answer: ABC
You have logged into a Mac OS X v10.4 computer with the Certk user account. You want to share a file with network guests. In which folder should you place the file?
A. /Users/Shared
B. /Users/Public
C. /users/Certk/Shared
D. /Users/Certk/Public

Correct Answer: D

You work as a support technician at Certkiller .com. All client computers run Mac OS X v10.4. A Certkiller
user complains that when he prints a PDF document to a network laser printer, the lower half of the last
line on each page does not print, as shown in the exhibit.
The last line prints properly for other users. What is the MOST LIKELY cause of this problem?

A. The printing system needs to be reset from Printer Setup Utility
B. Chris did not select the Full Page option in the Page Setup dialog
C. Chris added the printer via Apple Talk instead of Bonjour in Printer Setup Utility.
D. The correct printer is not chosen in the format for? Pop-up menu in the Page Setup dialog

Correct Answer: D
You work as a support technician at Certkiller .com. A Certkiller user complains that web pages will not load on his iBook. Which of the following troubleshooting steps would be useful in troubleshooting this problem? (Choose Three)
A. Locate DNS servers on the network using Network Utility DNS Scan command.
B. Test direct IP connectivity using Network Utility Ping command.
C. Confirm Ethernet connectivity using Network Diagnostics.
D. Review the Network Activity report in Activity Monitor.
E. Verify the network settings in Network preferences.
F. Review the Activity Report in Network Monitor.

Correct Answer: ABC
Which of the following statements are true regarding FTP on a Mac OS X v10.4 computer?
A. FTP service on Mac OS X v10.4 does not use usernames or passwords
B. FTP service on Mac OS X v10.4 requires that the firewall service be disabled.
C. FTP service on Mac OS X v10.4 is compatible only with other Mac OS X computers.
D. Remote users who connect to the computer over FTP can access files outside of their home directory

Correct Answer: D
You work as the network administrator at Certkiller .com. You need to configure your Mac OS X v10.4 computer to allow other Mac OS X computers to send faxes through it. What should you do?
A. In Printer Setup Utility, choose Enable Sharing from the Fax/Modem menu.
B. Click the checkbox for Fax Sharing in the Services pane of Sharing preferences.
C. Select Printer Sharing in the Services pane of Sharing preferences and click the allow fax sharing checkbox.
D. Enable the Let others send faxes through this computer option in the Sharing pane of print & Fax preferences.
Correct Answer: D
Exhibit: When checking Network preferences you notice that Mac OS X v10.4 has just updated your port priority order and port status indicators as shown in the exhibit. What would have caused these changes?

A. The network cable has been disconnected.
B. The DHCP server has a new Air Port card installed.
C. An Air Port Bass Station has been moved closer to the computer.
D. The DHCP server on the Built-in Ethernet network is no longer available.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 61
Exhibit: You work as a technician at Certkiller .com. You have set up the Certkiller .com network as shown in the exhibit. You have configured Computer A to share its internet connection from the cable modem with computers B and C over Ethernet. With regard to this configuration, which of the following statements are true?

A. Internet Sharing is incompatible with cable modems.
B. Internet Sharing must be enabled on all three computers.
C. A computer running Mac OS X v10.4 can use Internet Sharing to share its Internet connection with only one other computer on the network.
D. Receiving and sharing an internet connection over the same Ethernet port on Computer A can cause network problems for other ISP customers.

Correct Answer: D
You work as the network administrator at Certkiller .com. Certkiller has both Macintosh and Windows client computers. You need to configure a Mac OS X v10.4 computer to share a USB printer for all users on the network. After configuring you Mac OS X to share the printer, what else must you do?
A. In Printer Setup Utility choose Windows from the Printer Sharing menu.
B. In Printer Setup Utility choose Windows Printing from the Printers menu.
C. In the Services pane of Sharing preferences click the Windows Sharing checkbox.
D. In the Sharing pane of Print & Fax preferences click the Windows Printing checkbox.

Correct Answer: C


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